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Best Hidden Object Games iPad 2019: Free Unlimited

Top 3 Hidden Object Games for iPad

If you are searching for free hidden object games for iPad no download, full version, no trials and free unlimited then let’s check Top 3 Hidden Object Games iPad here. Recently, on internet many games are available for Android or iPad devices. We all like to play games in our spare time. Most of the people like to play puzzle style games where you are rewarded for your patience and the ability to spot and understanding things. If you are interested in puzzled games then you might like hidden object games where you are instructed to find the carefully hidden things within the given environment.

Hidden Object Games are free for iPad devices to download. There is no time limit to play hidden object games. If you want to download hidden object games then you will get free unlimited hidden objects games have no trials on internet.

Hidden object games for iPad

Apple Tablets are gives apps to download free hidden object games iPad. Download hidden object games full version and enjoy it with all extra features on iPad. Big Fish is a well known hidden object game publisher that seems to be one of the cornerstones of hidden object games especially on the iPad. There are large list of games on Big Fish and most of them have decent ratings. Same you can also find bet hidden object games on casual art for iPad. Here are some of the best hidden-object games for Android that you should definitely try.

1). Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father CE

Dark Strokes game is one of puzzle base game which takes us to the 19th century. Here the main character who is bride is kidnapped by faceless creatures in mask in Dark Strokes. You should guide Ethan Black as he attempts to rescue his bride-to-be from a terrifying menace. He travels to a mysterious town to look for her in this hidden object puzzle adventure game as he explores a decimated city and search for clues and peels back the layers of chilling supernatural mystery.

As the mystery has unfolds our hero finds lots of objects, very hard puzzles and some interesting characters. The special collector edition includes Bonus game play, integrated strategy guide and concept art in exclusive full version of the game. In sort the game contain Vintage background, unusual puzzles and great love story. It’s an amazing game we can say for the hidden object game lover.

2). Haunted Manor: Queen of Death CE

Haunted Manor an adventure & mysterious game in which the main character gets alarmed and concerned when she received a letter from her mother that her family is in great danger. Here you should find a powerful amulet to stop an ancient evil.

After receiving mysterious letter you find that your family has been murdered and only survivor is your sister named as Stella who needs you to save her. Solve the mystery by find clues concoct a powerful elixir and save Stella and confront the Queen of Death. It’s an amazing game with depth mystery and haunted visuals and effects.

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3). Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen CE

This hidden object game is a journey of the mythical snowfall kingdom and investigate their children mysteriously disappear every time snow blankets the village. By the ashes of snow the Snow Queen rises and terrorizes nearby villages with her supernatural powers. You should rescue the missing children and try to stop the evil snow Queen before her sorrow bring upon the destruction of the world.

There is fog of mystery and very little evidence so solve the mystery quickly and you will become the “hero of the day”-detective. This game is also best by its timeless tales like Nutcracker, Little Red Riding Hood & Cinderella and its twist on the Ice Queen- tale. It’s a great adventure and mysterious Oscar worthy hidden object game for iPad.

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