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Bible is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures. User can get many results for free offline Bible download for laptops, computers and mobile phone. It is a record of the relationship between God and humans by Christians, Jews, Samaritans and Rastafarians. It is consider as a product of divine inspiration. Bible is a massive influence on literature and history. The Gutenberg Bible is a first book printed using movable type in the western world.

After 2007 Bible has done more to shape literature, history, entertainment and culture than other books. Recently, 100 million copies of Bible have been sold annually. Offline Bible also available on internet as document format or in application form for Android or iOS or other devices and audio version of Bible is also available offline currently.

About Free Offline Bible Application

If you searching for free offline Bible download then let’s check some more details. Recently offline Bible application is available on internet. It is an easier way to communicate with God by his words. This application is available in all Android devices with both old & new testaments. It is helpful to understand life through Gods holy words and connect people with their God & it has been become a blessing to other people and it’s an easier way to spread the word of God.

It is used by Christians from more than 200 countries in 40 languages to pray and receive the Holy Word. It designed simple, direct and easier way & available in both old and new testament. It is available free to download for all android devices and no internet connection needed to use it.

Features of Bible Offline

  • Audio version available without the need to access the internet
  • Image sharing of verses and also Search, Favorite and Note
  • Color Assigning Labels & Sharing Vesicles
  • Devotionals, Hymnal, Biblical Plans, Biblical Dictionary, and Biblical Map
  • Complete content to read psalms in the Old Testament
  • Book list of the holy word in alphabetic order
  • Application installation of the holy bible app on SD card;
  • Biblical dictionary with more than 900 words
  • Option to remove unusual ads
  • A daily prayer directly notifying you everyday
  • A simple biblically motivated text, readings, realizations and more
  • Everyday verse from the bible with simple narration and reflection of the verse

Details of Bible Offline – Holly Bible App

  • 1) Audio: All translations audio version available including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors which is synchronize with the reading of the verses.
  • 2) Bible Themes: Bible Verses available according to biblical themes nearly more than 700 themes.
  • 3) Searching System: Users can type more than one word or parts of the verses and also do a voice search
  • 4) Reading Plans: Helps to study Bible Texts or specific topics
  • 5) Reading Progression: User can mark chapter as “Read” and track percentage of what they have read
  • 6) Reading Comfort: Users can adapt word size, choose font and also activate in night mode
  • 7) Versicles: Users can highlight resource, mark with colors, add personal notes and share versus on social networks
  • 8) Geochurch and Events: Helps to find churches and events close to you. Also add events from your church
  • 9) Book Introduction: Read main information and curiosities about 66 books of bible

Available Versions & Languages of Bible Offline

More than 75 translations of holly bible in different languages given below;

  • NIV (New International Version 2011)
  • King James in English
  • Reina Valera in Spanish
  • Luther’s Bible in German
  • Original Greek and Hebrew, etc.

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